Lisbet Meurling

Senior Consultant, Specialist in anesthesia and intensive care, Instructor

I am a trained instructor and have been working at CAMST since 2003. The interest in evidence-based training led to my dissertation in 2013 “Teamwork training using patient simulation”. At present I lead the research project SUPREM, Sustainable professional life during a pandemic, funded by research grant via AFA. Through surveys and interviews we try to capture experiences and lessons learned from employees who worked with COVID- 19 intensive care. Clinically, I´m a senior physician in anesthesia and intensive care. During a period, I worked as Functional Area Manager at Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care, Acute Surgery and Transplantation. Now I divide my time between clinical work, teaching at CAMST and research – the common thread is that I am interested in teaching in general, CRM specifically and how to get a better working environment and better results for our patients through training.